There are many reasons why TechSite is consistently voted as one of Columbus Business First’s “Best Places To Work”, and one of those reasons is our TechSite Wellness Plan. The Wellness Plan is run by Melissa Hare and is open to all employees of TechSite.

Now a Revamped, Holistic Program

Over the years, TechSite’s approach to wellness had been sporadic, featuring the occasional step challenge and a wellness reimbursement for some personal wellness purchases, but had no defined program or structure. That changed when Melissa Hare joined the company and took over the program in 2016. Melissa is a certified yoga and group exercise instructor as well as a personal trainer. Melissa was challenged with creating a holistic program that encouraged healthy behaviors while being inclusive of everyone’s differing abilities. Melissa revamped our wellness initiatives, and the new Wellness Program was put in place in 2017. The program includes monthly challenges, an HSA incentive program, and an annual employee wellness reimbursement.

Monthly Challenges with Rewards

The monthly challenges vary each month and include a step challenge, the ab challenge (everyone’s favorite 😊), “try it and work it”, and a cardio challenge. Completing these challenges earns you a $25 gift card of your choice for every month that you complete it.  To encourage healthy habits, the challenges are designed for everyone to be able to participate in them. We have had team members save their monthly gift cards to purchase fitness or outdoor equipment, for a favorite restaurant, airline tickets for a family vacation, or just for Amazon.

Wellness Reimbursement

TechSite also offers a $250 wellness reimbursement every year. The reimbursement can be used on a variety of health and wellness goods and services. In the past, team members have put this towards new fitness watches, home gym equipment, race entry fees, and winter running gear.

HSA Incentive Program

To help save for medical expenses now or in the future, TechSite offers an annual incentive contribution to each employee’s Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) when they earn enough wellness points. Employees can earn points through a variety of activities, such as annual medical, dental and vision check-ups, completing the Monthly Challenges, running a race, or participating in a sports league.  Once they have earned enough points, TechSite will contribute $1,000 to each employee’s HSA!  This is completely free to the employee, and just like the monthly challenges, it is designed to encourage healthy habits and to be attainable for everyone!

Other Programs

TechSite has a 2,500 square foot gym on site in our Plain City office, complete with cardio and weightlifting equipment. We have a Rogue Ohio Power Bar, Rogue Power Rack, dumbbell free weights, benches, machines, two treadmills, a stationary bike, rower, and more! TechSite also typically sponsors a 5k race with a race entry for our team members in May. And Melissa is also always willing to host a yoga session!

A Career at TechSite prioritizes Your Health and Happiness

The Wellness Plan is one of the many great benefits of working at TechSite and is a reflection of the company’s commitment to our team’s overall well-being. Melissa’s ongoing efforts to evolve and adapt the program based on team member feedback ensures that our wellness initiatives stay relevant, useful, and attainable.  Explore our Careers to join a workplace where your health and happiness are a top priority.