Jim Schrader’s career in critical space design began at Liebert Corporation in 1984. He held various roles, including Environmental Application Engineer, Manager of Technical Marketing, and West Coast Regional Manager. In 1989, Jim left Liebert and co-founded ComputerSITE-PREParations, Inc. (SITE-PREP), which specialized in design-build services for data centers. SITE-PREP completed projects across the continental US, Alaska, Russia, and Korea, eventually being acquired by industry giant Emerson Electric in 1991.

In 1999, ComputerSITE-PREParations transformed into Emerson Telecom Systems (ETS) to cater to the dot com and telecom markets. ETS focused on data center design, co-location facilities, telecom central office centers, and web-hosting facilities. After ETS disbanded in 2001, Jim founded TECHnology SITE Planners, Inc. (TechSite), initially offering engineering and construction management services.

He was joined by partner, Jackie Kershaw, in 2003.

TechSite diversified its services over time, adding Maintenance Management in 2002 and serving its first Facilities customer in 2009. Technology Site Planners, Inc. rebranded in 2013 creating a new logo and embracing the name TechSite, Inc.

Jim operated as President from its inception to 2023 when Charlie Wlodyka took over the day-to-day operations in the role of President. Jim remains primary owner of the company and helps steer the ship with a wealth of wisdom and experience while Jackie still serves as Vice President and Director of Engineering.

Today, TechSite employs a team of engineers and project managers, offers maintenance services at customer buildings across multiple states, directly employs facility management personnel who work full time at customer locations, all backed by a team of professional engineers and construction managers who continue to oversee our foundational design-build services.

From its inception as SITE-PREP to its present form as TechSite, the company remains dedicated to critical space design and customer satisfaction. With proven competence in design, construction, operation, and maintenance, TechSite stands as an industry leader.