Turnkey Design-Build.

Seamless. The integration of engineering excellence with effective construction management.

We are Engineers. We are Construction Managers.

TechSite offers a seamless and integrated turnkey solution that merges the power of engineering excellence with effective construction management. Our approach goes beyond traditional service boundaries, delivering a comprehensive solution that takes your project from concept to completion with precision and expertise.

Our licensed Professional Engineers (PEs) bring visionary concepts to life. From electrical and mechanical systems to green studies and capacity planning, our engineering expertise lays the foundation for success. We meticulously create conceptual designs and construction documents that align with your objectives and industry standards. Our team’s proficiency in short circuit analysis, arc flash risk assessment, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling ensures optimal functionality and safety.

TechSite excels in Construction Management, orchestrating every detail of the project’s execution. We assume the role of your dedicated general contractor, coordinating trades and ensuring a smooth workflow. From site supervision to budgeting and quality assurance, we provide end-to-end oversight. Our experts mitigate risks, manage costs, and adhere to schedules, guaranteeing timely and on-budget project completion.

The power of TechSite’s turnkey solution lies in the seamless convergence of engineering ingenuity and construction management expertise. We bridge the gap between design and realization, ensuring flawless execution and unwavering quality. Our integrated approach minimizes communication gaps, accelerates decision-making, and maximizes efficiency, ultimately leading to a successful project delivery.

TechSite’s Integrated Turnkey Engineering and Construction Management Solutions are tailored to your unique needs. Whether it’s a data center, commercial facility, or specialized operation center, we combine our engineering prowess and construction acumen to provide a holistic solution.

Experience the ease of working with a single partner who navigates the entire journey, from initial concept to the final structure. Contact us today to begin a collaborative journey towards realizing your project’s full potential.

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