Project: Cooling Tower Replacement

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Business Sector: Utilities

Service: Construction – Design/Build

Budget: $598,000

Completed: 03/2022

Project Challenge:
The client’s Control Room building was cooled by a chilled water system that utilized a pair of redundant cooling towers. These towers were approaching End-of-Life. Repairs were becoming frequent and replacement parts hard to find.

Due to the importance of operations in this building, our client decided to have us replace both towers.

TechSite Solution:
The replacement process occurred during the cooler months. TechSite engineers and project managers worked together to create a detailed Method of Procedure so as to minimize risk during the work.

Additionally, we discovered an unused heat exchanger within the system (which was believed to be non-functional) was repaired and brought on line to augment cooling. It is now a functional part of the updated system.