Maintenance of Your Facility Couldn’t be in Better Hands.

Our reputation for design, construction and management sets the stage for our maintenance services.

Mission-critical facility maintenance requires a specific understanding of the facility’s needs. This can only come from specialized experience.

TechSite offers comprehensive Maintenance Management services for data centers, ensuring a high level of reliability through periodic testing and maintenance activities. Our experienced team schedules and coordinates service providers to perform maintenance in accordance with industry best practices while maintaining proper documentation.

With TechSite, you benefit from having a dedicated Maintenance Manager on-site for all maintenance activities. We understand the criticality of your business operations and are committed to providing uninterrupted service. Our team is accustomed to traveling nationwide and is available to work during nights and weekends as needed.

One key aspect of our service is the ability to create detailed Methods of Procedure (MoPs). Our trained and skilled managers can effectively communicate the maintenance work to customers and seek necessary approvals through Change Management systems. This ensures precise execution of the work according to plan.

In addition, TechSite’s team coordinates the receipt of vendor maintenance reports, carefully reviewing them for accuracy. We proactively track and follow up on outstanding issues, guaranteeing that all problems are resolved and closed effectively.

As part of our Maintenance Management services, we offer regular rounds at your facility, create informative dashboards for review and tracking, and provide alarm monitoring. Moreover, our on-call availability, call center, and first responder services ensure that we can promptly deploy on-site personnel in response to critical alarms or events, offering you peace of mind and rapid incident resolution.

TechSite is your trusted partner for efficient and reliable Maintenance Management in data centers, combining expertise, proactive support, and responsive services to optimize the performance of your critical infrastructure.

  • Maintenance Management
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Emergency Response
  • Vendor Management
  • Methods of Procedure (MoPs)
  • 24/7 Call Center Response Team
  • Infrastructure Condition / Life Cycle Assessments
  • Change Management

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