Angie Greenwood, Director of Finance and Administration

Introduction: As the Director of Finance and Administration at TechSite, Inc., Angie Greenwood maintains a deep understanding of the company’s inner workings as she adeptly manages the financial and administrative avenues to ensure stability and growth.

Professional Background: With 25 years of industry experience, Angie boasts a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Otterbein and a Master of Science in Accounting from Indiana Wesleyan. She began her journey as a Cash Specialist at Scotts, later joining TechSite in 2005 as Office Manager. Recognizing her talents and commitment, the company elevated her to Director of Finance and Administration in 2020. While primarily serving internal clients, Angie’s unwavering dedication ensures that every employee feels valued, a commitment that positively impacts TechSite’s wider client base.

Leadership and Management Style: Grounded in her values of Trust, Honesty, Gratitude, and Flexibility, Angie’s approach to leadership emphasizes collaboration. She believes in working as a cohesive unit, addressing challenges collectively. Angie’s perception of relationship-building is rooted in partnership. She views TechSite as a solutions-oriented firm, wherein both clients and vendors come together to discern the best resolution for any predicament. This client-centric approach extends to TechSite’s workforce. Angie considers every employee her client, striving constantly to underscore their importance to the broader company vision.

Personal Interests and Hobbies: Away from her desk, Angie immerses herself in a whirlwind of activities. As a mother of two boys, family takes center stage. Her musical flair finds her as a church musician, while her keen eye captures moments as a sports photographer, especially in high school sports. She’s also a spirited fan of college sports and has a penchant for travel. Guiding her journey is the uplifting mantra, “There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Shining at the End of Every Day.”

Angie Greenwood’s unique blend of professional insight, compassionate leadership, and rich personal interests underscores her pivotal role at TechSite. She continues to be a cornerstone of support, ensuring the company’s financial and administrative segments function seamlessly.