Mike VanScoy, Director of Construction and Maintenance

Introduction: Mike VanScoy serves as the Director of Construction and Maintenance at TechSite, where he steers the construction management, maintenance, and first responder service teams with strategic precision. Mike is responsible for assembling and managing a proficient maintenance and construction team aligned to meticulously cater to client needs. He fosters enduring business partnerships through continual and effective client communication and is pivotal in managing the finances and invoicing processes for extensive maintenance projects and prompt repair jobs. Mike’s role extends to overseeing contract renewals, spearheading training and development initiatives for his team, and actively participating in Leadership Team activities, shaping the company’s vision and trajectory.

Professional Background: Mike brings to the table an extensive experience of 35 years in Construction and Maintenance Management, enriched by his AA in Construction Management. Prior to joining TechSite, Mike spent 20 years managing residential and small commercial construction, specializing in project management and teambuilding. His expertise is evident in his focus on maintaining the critical infrastructure supporting mission-critical facilities for the past 12 years, particularly in facilities infrastructure preventive maintenance, new construction, remodel, and system upgrades. Mike’s notable projects include supervising the construction of large dual bus designs and the installation of new utility feeds and entrance switchgear for local hospitals, ensuring zero disruptions. He has also successfully implemented expansive maintenance programs for several clients with nationwide requirements.

Leadership and Management Style: Mike upholds values of honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, dedication, and supportiveness. He advocates for an open and collaborative communication environment within his team, inviting valuable input and discussions. He emphasizes building and maintaining client relationships through dependable and timely services and aims to be a reliable resource in solving problems. Mike’s approach to client satisfaction revolves around delivering punctual and quality reports and recommendations that cater directly to client needs while maintaining open and direct communication with clients.

Personal Interests and Hobbies: Outside of his professional realm, Mike enjoys home remodeling, gardening, fishing, and camping. He invests his time in creating home environments that are sanctuaries – calming, safe places to live or visit. He adheres to Lou Gehrig’s philosophy, “You don’t get the breaks unless you play with the team instead of against it,” highlighting his belief in teamwork and mutual growth.
Mike VanScoy’s extensive experience, strategic management, and commitment to client satisfaction make him an integral part of TechSite. His dedication to maintaining open communication and focus on delivering top-quality construction and maintenance solutions makes him a vital asset to TechSite’s mission.